Choosing the RIGHT Handyman in Liberty Lake

O.K. you have this handyman project that you have been putting off for some time now. You are ready to choose a Handyman but when you look in the yellow pages or go on line it is a bit overwhelming.

So, what do you do? How do you choose the best or right Handyman for your type project.

First, finding the right Handyman is an essential part of the process. Choosing the wrong Handyman you may find yourself overpaying or receiving shoddy work. Neither of these are what you are looking for. A good Handyman will add value to your home, and he will perform quality work at a reasonable price.

You may want to start by getting referrals from friends, neighbors or family. You may also want to go on line to view customer reviews. I know yelp is a good one. Look for Robert Stice Construction/Consulting in Liberty Lake. We have some great reviews.

Once you have located a Handyman, ask for references, past pictures of jobs he has completed. You may also want to locate more than one to get a reasonable quote on your project for your particular area.

Have the Handyman come to your resident and give you a free quote. You should never have to pay for a quote. If they charge for quote, move on to the next Handyman. Ask for License, Insurance, and any Bonds that may be applicable.

Get a detailed and itemized quote from the Handyman. If he is not willing to give you one, again, move on to the next Handyman.

I hope I have given you some eye opening advise on choosing the right Handyman for your projects.

Wheelchair Ramp Senior Safety

Home Modifications for Senior Safety

We should all be concerned with home safety. But one of the most important and near to our heart safety concerns is  senior safety. With the Senior population ever growing senior safety has become increasingly important.

Some of the more important safety features for Seniors are:

Motion Detector lighting

Wheel chair ramps


Motion detector lighting can be installed anywhere in the house and the advantage to this type of lighting is that is automatically comes on when you enter a room. Such as; bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and even front and back porches and decks.

Wheel chair ramps are important to make it easier for the Senior or Disabled to get into the house without much effort. These ramps need to be professionally installed and maintained for safety and proper installation, following all of the ADA guidelines.

Handrails installed in high use areas such as; bathroom showers, around the toilet area, front and back porches and decks, stair cases, and any area where the Senior or Disabled needs assistance in getting up or getting around.

All of these should be installed by a professional. And here at Robert Stice Construction/Consulting will be happy to assist you in any way in planning and installation to keep your house safe and accessible.

For the best results, call Robert Stice Construction/Consulting in Liberty Lake to thoroughly inspect your deck, deck stairs and deck railings and give recommendations on any deck repairs or maintenance.

deck maintenance

Common Deck Maintenance and Repairs

The weather here in Liberty Lake can be severe. It can take its toll on anything outside and decks can especially suffer from the extreme weather.

Wood decks become cracked and the wood loosens up due to improper installation or from the rain, snow, and sun beating down on them. The ground or support posts become loose or damaged due to dry rot. Deck maintenance and repairs are one of the specialties that we have been providing for many years.

Most deck installations or deck maintenance repairs should be left to a professional , such as ourselves at Robert Stice Construction and Handyman Services.  But for the moment I am going to give you some tips for common deck repairs and maintenance to keep your deck clean, and extend the life of your deck, deck stairs and railings. So here are some Deck Repair and Maintenance Tips to follow:

Check your deck, stairs and railings for any wood damage by pressing on the deck boards, steps and railings for any soft spots. Replace any boards that are soft as soon as possible to avoid any further damage or injury to your family/friends.

Keep your deck as clean as possible, using a recommended deck cleaner for your wood or composite deck. NOTE: Never pressure wash a composite deck. Once again…Never pressure wash a composite deck. This destroys the surface and opens up the decking to water intrusion, dry rot, etc.

When cleaning a composite deck only use water and/or soap and a broom brush to clean off all surface dirt. If using soap, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For the best results, call Robert Stice Construction/Consulting to thoroughly inspect your deck, deck stairs and deck railings and give recommendations on any deck repairs or maintenance.

We can be reached at: 509.212.5439